Starengu's DIY Starter Package

The DIYer Starter Package

Create a brand and website that will perfect your ability to connect.

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Congrats on your decision to launch your blog!

You're not throwing away your shot and you want more bang for your buck. 

Then you need to purchase Starengu's Starter Package. This package contains the following three courses:

  • Master Your Niche
  • Brazen Brand & Design
  • Slay with WordPress

Starengu's DIYer Starter Package will reduce the time it takes for you to perfect your ability to connect with your audience. The courses contained in this package will help you to learn how to:

  • Determine and validate whether you should pursue your niche.

  • Learn how your company can differentiate itself from the industry by inventing or enhancing methods to please your audience.

  • Incorporate market research into your content marketing.

  • Acquire skills to help you effectively track your efforts in order to make the best decision to grow your niche.

  • Create a brand identity that conveys your message by using striking designs and images that accurately represent your company's personality.

  • Choose a color palette and type font that represent's your brand's identity.

  • Design compelling images and lead magnets that reflect your brand’s personality.

  • Create engaging online and offline marketing lead magnets and marketing swag that will get you the attention that you deserve.

  • How to create content that will resonate with your audience.

  • Establish processes that will reduce the time it takes to engage with your audience.

  • Learn how to effectively track your progress.

Follow through on your decision to invest in yourself by purchasing Starengu's DIYer Starter Package. 

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Cheers to your success!

Tosha :)

The DIYer Starter Package includes these courses

It's Time To Launch Your Business
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Master Your Niche
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Brazen Brand & Designs
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Slay with WordPress
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