If you've been feeling like a worker bee, now is your time to break free from the hive! The thought of experiencing freedom you never imagined is thisclose. You’re NOT throwing away your shot. Yet, I’m sure you can feel your excitement quickly turning into anxiety because you don’t know where to start. 

Been there, done that. Lucky for you, you’re going to skip hours of research and the headaches I experienced when I began my journey. Throughout this series, I will happily serve as your business guide showing you shortcuts that I wish I had when I first started my business. Getting started is the easy part, but being successful is going to require you to work.

When you do things yourself, it forces you to be more cognizant of your time, money and to recognize your limitations. You will eventually have to learn the art of delegating. However, the more work you can do yourself will put you in a position to easily identify those tasks. This course will provide you with step by step instructions in how to launch your online business.

Your online business journey can easily be grouped into three distinct phases:

  • START: You will establish the foundation for your business.

  • DRIVE: Accelerate your business by effectively promoting your brand.

  • THRIVE: Keep the momentum going by learning various ways to monetize your site.

Provided you keep calm and carry on, by the end of this series, you will have a blueprint that will serve as your map in your online business journey. This map will allow you to avoid unnecessary roadblocks and reduce the time it takes for you to soar to new heights online.

Are you up for the challenge? My guess is yes since you’ve gotten this far, so it’s time to hit the road!