"I need a website, but I don't know how to build one."

"I need a website, but I don't know how to build one." Sound familiar? This is why over 10 years ago I taught myself how to build my own website. Guess, what? I’ve never taken a single class and I’m definitely not Rainman.

I just invested my time and energy into learning WordPress. It is an extremely user-friendly content management system that 27% of all websites on the internet have chosen as their platform.

Unless you want to shell out tons of money on web designers, then you will need to embrace the DIY approach. Never in a million years did I think that I possessed the mindset to build my own website or teach people how to build theirs as well.

I’ve never had any formal training and gained coding skills along the way. I’ve come a long way baby and I’m not about to let all this knowledge go to waste! I cannot stress enough that this is not just another website building course. Not only will you learn how to build your own website, but you’re also going to gain the following skills:

  • How to create website content that will resonate with your audience

  • Establish processes that will reduce the time it takes to engage with your audience

  • How to create and promote your mailing list.

  • Learn how to effectively track your progress

  • Private Facebook group 

Make sure to capitalize on this opportunity to bypass all the frustrations and learning pains I experienced. You’re lucky because you’re going to be able to learn how to skip the ugly website phase and go straight to creating an attractive one.

If this sounds like your jam, then sign up for the course!

Course curriculum

Don't let fear stand in your way

You have the power to create your own website. Let's get started!