Cheers to Your Courcess

It's time to monetize your talent!

People are constantly looking for ways to monetize their website. The first thing you will hear is that you should look into signing up for affiliate programs (insert product/service). There's nothing wrong with this advice, however, I know that solely relying on affiliate marketing was not going to monetize my blog the way I wanted.

I also know conducting solely affiliate marketing is not going to pay the bills. Mainly because I would NEVER consider becoming an affiliate for a product unless it was something that I LOVED and would benefit my audience.

Sadly, there aren’t many products that evoke this type of emotion, so clearly basing my ability to monetize my website solely by affiliate marketing was not going to work for me. Plus, that product better be freakin’ phenomenal because I’ve never been a huge fan of encouraging people AWAY to click away from my site.

Therefore, I needed an alternative way to monetize my website. What is it you ask? Drumroll please…I decided to create my own online course! Everyone has a talent. Trust me; you are not an exception to this rule. You possess enough knowledge about a topic that can be used to create a course.

I’m here to give you that friendly push to pursue this as an additional revenue stream to help monetize your site. You can and will create a product that will not only make you proud but help out other folks along the way. I’m confident that you are going to rock so, Cheers to your Courcess (Course + Success)!  


 A course topic idea (If you don't have one or wish to validate your idea, then check out our Master Your Niche course)


(Below are some recommendations-I use a Blue Yeti)

RECORDING & EDITING SOFTWARE (Choose either Camtasia or Screencast-O-Matic for editing purposes)


Welcome to Cheers to Your Courcess


How to Create and Organize Your Content


  • Create Your Course Outline
  • Build Out Your Course Content
  • Starengu's Cheers to Your Courcess Checklist & Guide

Create Your Sales Funnel


  • Create Your Sales Funnel

Video Editing


  • Video Production Goals
  • Recording prepwork



  • Introduction to Camtasia
  • Discover Camtasia's Menu
  • Record Your Video
  • Record a Voice Over / Narration
  • Record with Your Webcam While Sharing Your Screen
  • Record with Your Webcam While Sharing Your Screen (follow up)
  • Edit Your Video
  • Add Background Music & Manipulate Your Audio
  • Add Transitions & Create an Animated Title
  • Annotations & Blur Out Personal Information
  • How to Zoom
  • Increase the Video Speed FREE TRIAL
  • Create a Video with a Picture Background
  • Create a Slideshow
  • Produce Your Video



  • Introduction to Screencast-O-Matic
  • Screencast-O-Matic Walk Thru & Recording
  • Edit Media with Screencast-O-Matic



  • Introduction to Loom
  • Record with Loom

How to Reduce Your Video File Size


  • Reduce Your Video File Size

Introduction to Thinkific


  • Introduction for Thinkific
  • Thinkific Menu Walk Thru
  • Create a Landing Page with Thinkific

How to Price Your Course


  • Course Price

Webinar vs. Workshop


  • What is Your Approach?

How to Create Your Webinar Landing Pages


  • Create a Webinar/Workshop with WordPress
  • Create a Webinar/Workshop with Thinkific

How to Host Your Webinar for FREE


  • Host Your Webinar/Workshop for Free

How to Create Your Webinar Email Sequence

  • Create Your Webinar/Workshop Email Sequence Series

How to Capture Course Feedback


  • Create a Quiz FREE TRIAL
  • BONUS: How to Use Typeform



  • Let's Review the Course Creation Concepts for this Course

You will learn how to...

Create and organize content

Create your sales funnel

Record and edit video

Setup your course using Thinkific

Give your first webinar

Create a survey

Bonus Material


Course Creation Content Guide

$50 value
This guide will help you to reduce the time it will take to create your course.

Content Templates

Webinar Landing Page & Email Sequence Content

$50 value
Eliminate the guesswork in what information needs to be conveyed to your audience by using our templates.

Private Group

Community Discussions

Join our Facebook tribe and increase your knowledge everyday by interacting with your classmates!

About Your Instructor

LaTosha  Johnson

LaTosha Johnson

Digital Marketing Strategist

Hello, is it me you're looking for? Sorry, I couldn't resist...

My name is Tosha and I thoroughly enjoy creating digital marketing courses. I have over 10 years of marketing and communication experience, so I know how difficult it can be to maintain the delicate balance of attracting and retaining customers. It's even more difficult when you're operating on a shoestring budget (no worries, I've been there).

My goal is to be that much-needed shortcut you desire to reduce the amount of time it takes to connect with your audience. When people question your brand's identity, the DIY marketing strategies we discuss during the course will ensure that you both share the same answer.

I want to congratulate you on your decision to further develop your marketing expertise. The tips and tricks you learn will open more doors for you to explore. My goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need for so your business can soar to new heights. 

See you on online!

Let's get started!



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